Beth Lear:
Promises Made, Promises Kept.

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Beth Lear went to the Ohio House of Representatives with a promise to fight for you and our conservative values – and that’s a promise she’s kept.


Beth jointly authored HB 236 to prohibit medical facilities from keeping patients isolated and possibly dying alone, including during health emergencies


Beth jointly authored HB 183 to prohibit boys and girls from sharing school bathrooms, locker rooms and overnight rooms and beds


Beth co-sponsored HB 187 to reduce property taxes for all Ohio families and provide relief from Biden’s inflation

Re-elect Beth to get these bills passed and keep up the fight for our conservative values!

“As a military veteran, I’m no stranger to fighting for our values. During my first term in the Ohio House, I stood up to people in my own party and voted against the biggest spending bill in Ohio history. And I’d do it again. We need less government, not more.” – Beth Lear

An Olentangy graduate and longtime resident of Delaware County, Beth has been married to Jeff for 31 years. The couple has two children and two grandchildren, and attends Delaware Bible Church. Beth is an education policy expert dedicated to fighting for traditional values in our schools and community.

Primary ELECTION DAY: March 19, 2024

Meet Beth Lear

Fighting for Liberty

Beth Lear is a BATTLE-TESTED FIGHTER who has defended the American flag and stood tall for our proud national heritage.

  • Veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard
  • Served in the Pentagon during Operation Desert Storm
  • Granddaughter of a WWI veteran, daughter of a Korean War veteran, wife of a Desert Storm veteran and mom of a U.S. Navy sailor
  • Member of American Legion Sunbury Post 457

Standing with Us

Beth Lear has dedicated her career to fighting for TRADITIONAL VALUES in our community

  • 15 years as an education policy expert advocating for better schools
  • Longtime defender of the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions
  • Strongly opposed to economy-crushing inflation and government overreach

Grounded in Community

Beth Lear is a 36-year resident of Delaware County who is prepared to protect our LIBERTIES and GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS

  • Married for 31 years to Jeff
  • Proud parents of two and grandparents to two
  • Attends Delaware Bible Church
  • Former board member of Delaware County Library
  • Former board member of Relationships Under Construction
  • Prior appointment to Delaware County Port Authority

“I’ve always fought to protect our American values and way of life, and I’ll do that for you and your family in the Ohio House.” 

Armed Forces Veteran- Longtime Delaware County Resident

Beth’s Plan for a Second Term and a Better Ohio:

PROHIBIT Illegal Immigrants from Receiving State Benefits

REGULATE Marijuana to KEEP IT AWAY from Our Schools and Kids

FOCUS Classrooms on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – NOT Liberal Indoctrination

DEFEND parents’ rights

STAND UP for the Second Amendment and the Unborn

Please support Beth Lear for Ohio House. She needs your help making phone calls, distributing signs (put one in your yard or window!), supporting her on social media and more.

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Beth Lear is a veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard. Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Ohio Air National Guard or the Department of Defense.